Tips and Tricks For Getting Pro in Free Fire

Garena Free, we all might be aware of this name. Because in the world of battle royal game it is getting popular time to time. There was an great impact of the recent ad campaign of Garena Company that is #IndiaKaRoyalBattle. One of the major reasons of its popularity can be considered as its requirements for hardware specifications is low. Because in India major part of the smart phone users in India use the 4GB and 3GB segment So, the Garena Free Fire runs smoothly without any lagging in this segment smartphones. 

Since we all know that after the ban if the chinese apps in India PUBG got unpopular among the population of India. Great part of the players migrated to this game that is GARENA FREE FIRE as to feed their hunger for the battle royal game. 

So here we come with the great and effective tips and tricks for the Garena Free Fire which are itself proved by the Pro Players.

Selecting the Right Gun or Weapon

As we know every game has its separate or different weapon specifications which cause different amount of damage. Reagarding this fact, Garena Free Fire also has its separate weapon system which is completely different from PUBG. Best example for this fact is that the gun Scar-L in both the Free Fire and PUBG games. So to get expert in the game you must have to get familiar with the weapons and guns. 

During Close Fights

Since close range fights is generally a great issue for many of players. And in this game Free Fire you will get to many close range fights especially in PURGTORY. so we will recommend you to have a shotgun or an MP40 during this. As we all know that every battle royal game has a variety of the different weapons like SMG, Pistol, Sniper, Shotgun, Rifle, etc. in which you can carry 3 weapons along with a melee item like pan. So according to the pro players an ideals combo would be of one sniper, one smg and one pistol with pan. Else you can chose according to your comfort.


As we all know that peeking is a very beneficial feature in any battle royal game. Same as in Free Fire game being a THIRD PLAYER PERSPECTIVE (TPP) game peeking becomes a very benificial feature. So, we will recommend you to keep it ON.

Movement of the Character

Not only the movement of the character but the right movement plays a vital role in the survival of the player in the match. So we will we recommend you to practice as much as you can for the right movement in the game. You can not forget one of the best features of the Free Fire game that is drag headshot. 

Gloo Wall

For those players who never been in the game Free Fire, this is a mysterious feature. By using this feature in the game yoi can deploy an ice wall whenever you stuck in open. It will protect you from the opponents as it can not be penetrated by bullets but can be destroyed.


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