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Arebo one touch body dryer dries your body in seconds

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Arebo is a unique One Touch body Dryer that provides both warm and cool air allowing you to quickly dry your body in just a matter of seconds. Launched via Kickstarter the project has already raised over $25,000 would still 19 days remaining and earlybird pledges are available from $220 offering a considerable 37% saving off the recommended retail price.

body dryer

If all goes to plan worldwide shipping is expected to commence during August 2020.“Introducing Arebo, a super convenient body dryer designed for all bodies of all ages. Simply step on to activate. Step down and it will turn off automatically. “

body dryer

body dryer

“Instead of patting yourself down with towels and wearing a shower gown, step right on Arebo. Spend the time brushing your teeth, shaving and putting on makeup, while Arebo conveniently dries your body in less than a minute. By the time you put on your clothes, you’ll be perfectly dry.”  Source : Kickstarter

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