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Add a second screen to your smartphone with the castAway case

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castAway allows you to easily add a second screen to your smartphone by simply adding a case, allowing you to benefit from a wide variety of new features. The castAway case enables you to open multiple apps at once, copy/paste, and access files and photos from either screen with ease. Check out the video below to learn more.

The team responsible for creating the castAway screen smartphone case have added new perks for people to enjoy via Indiegogo, enabling backers to now order customizable mods that will be interchangeable with their castAway case, including a Qi wireless charging battery, a wallet w/ Qi wireless charging battery, and a Universal Case that will allow people to use all of castAways mods with ANY phone case they choose.

“We heard you loud and clear. After listening to your feedback, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded castAway into a full platform. We’re still delivering a second-screen experience — but now you can customize your case with a variety of accessories as well to meet the demands of your daily life. “

castAway case

“A second monitor used to be a luxury, and now it’s a necessity. Juggling between apps and screens is how things go today. Adding a second screen to a PC is easy, but what about a second one for your smartphone? It’s not like you leave the need for multitasking behind when you are away from your desktop, out in the world doing things. Introducing castAway case, a fantastic new accessory that adds a second, ultra-slim screen to your favorite smartphone. The second screen is a powerful Chromium-based tablet that lets you multitask while on the go.”

dual screen smartphone case

Features of castAway include :

– castAway case connects with any iOS or Android phone and continues to work even when detached from your smartphone.
– Features a dual boot option that lets you quickly turn it into a larger keyboard, trackpad, or game controller for your phone.
– It is fully-equipped with a hi-res capacitive touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, front and back-facing cameras, & audio jack.
– Integrated SD slot allows you to expand storage and offload photos from your phone
– The built-in battery can do double duty and be used to boost your smartphone.

dual screen smartphone case

“Created by Ken Mages, a 40-year veteran of the electronics industry, the castAway case is your second screen. Ken brought on a skilled product designer, Joe Jasinski, the former head of industrial design at Dell, along with two former executives from Microsoft and Intel to create this fantastic device. By Design. The castAway case design uses an ingenious patent-pending universal magnetic hinge. The magic part of the hinge is on the second screen tablet side”

dual screen smartphone case

“When the tablet is detached from your smartphone, your phone will look and feel like it would in any other high-end protective case. The hinge design also simplifies the task of supporting the myriad of smartphones. The smartphone side of the case is a custom fit for each major model type. That said, there are many unique (lower volume) phones for which we are developing a universal case back that works with the hinge. The castAway case will be available in 3 model sizes:”

one/S with a 5.8” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size
one/L with a 6.3” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size
one/XL with a 6.9” screen for smartphones with screens of similar size

Source: Indiegogo

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